Kandy hi-fi system


  • Kandy CD
    What Hi-Fi? Super test
    December 2003

  • Roksan Kandy MKIII
    5 stars
    What Hi-Fi? October 2003

  • Roksan Kandy MKIII
    5 stars
    What Hi-Fi? Super test Winner, 2003

  • Kandy MKIII
    "Kandy for the ears"
    (PDF 110 KB)
    Inside Hi-Fi & A/V, August 2002

  • Kandy CD
    5 stars
    What Hi-Fi? First test July 2003
  • 2003 SUPERTEST WINNER (5 Star Gold) Kandy MKIII amplifier,
    What Hi Fi May 2003: "The Roksan's extra bass weight and superior feature count mean it wins the day", "Impressive combination of power and refinement, timing and rhythm, good specification and build quality".

  • Kandy Caspian DVD recommended
    HI-FI Choice, February 2003

  • Kandy Amplifier MKIII has won the What Hi-Fi? 2002
    Best Buy Award for amplifiers from £501 to £799
  • A Survey of Integrated Amplifiers, Part1
    Roksan Kandy KA-1
    The Absolute Sound April/May 2002
    "Riches are in abundance, here."

  • Roksan Kandy KA-1
    What Hi-Fi? Feb 2002
    "Verdict: Five stars - more than just eye candy, this insightful yet powerful amp is impressive with whatever music takes your fancy."

  • Roksan Kandy KA-1 Integrated Amp and KC-1 CD Player
    SoundStage! October 2001
  • Roksan Kandy – KC-1 and KA1
    Hi-fi Choice December 2000

  • Roksan Kandy
    Hi-fi World November 2000

  • Roksan Kandy separates
    International Record Review October 2000

  • Roksan Kandy is simlpy dandy
    What Hi-fi? April 2000

  • A Kandy-coloured CD marvel
    What Hi-fi? March 2000

    Best Buy 5 stars